Monday, 15 July 2019

When Time Stood Still - Part 4

After taking a breath, Jenny slowly lifts her eyes again, losing herself in his beautiful starry stare. He leans closer, pauses, then crashes his lips against hers.

As his firm lips touch hers, she feels his sharp intake of breath and then he kisses her. Really kisses her. She closes her eyes as she kisses him back. It's as if the world around her melts away, and all Jenny can focus on is this kiss. Jason's expert lips coax a passionate embrace from her as he slides his hand behind her neck and into her hair and gently pulls her to him.

She circles her arms around him, placing her palms on his broad shoulders, her knees going weak as the kiss undoes her from the inside out.

"Wow," he breathes, as he pulls back a little.

This feels right, doesn't it? It feels natural. Almost like normal. Almost. She thinks.

"I wonder what the two of them are up to down there," Jason says, looking over Jenny's shoulder.

Jenny looks in the same direction. Squinting her eyes, trying to see if the broad-shouldered man with the blonde hair standing in the shadows below is indeed him. She asks, "Is that, Chris?"

"Yes, with Agatha," he says.

"So, where's Abby, then?" In a panic, Jenny pulls away from Jason and pushes through the throng of people standing between her and the staircase. When she reaches the bottom of the staircase, she cannot remember how she came down one-hundred steps without falling, or tripping, or even knowing how she did it.

She runs across the green grass separating her from Agatha and Chris.

When she reaches them, Agatha twirls around to face her. "What are you doing here, Jenny?"

"Where's Abby?"

"Go back to the party," Chris demands.

"No. Not until you tell me where Abby is."

When Jason finally reaches Jenny, he puts his hands on her shoulders. "Come, Jenny, let it be," he says, out of breath from taking the stairs at least two at a time.

"We've got it under control," Agatha says to Jason.

"No, you don't!" Jenny says loudly. "So how long have you known? About us, the prophecy."

"We didn't, but we knew there was a possibility," Chris says, unable to look Jenny in the eyes.

"That's why Chris sent Abby the Book of Eudemon. We had to know if the four girls were you," Agatha explains.

Jenny takes a step away from Agatha and Chris, her back meeting Jason's warm, heaving chest as he stands behind her, shaking her head a little.

"Where's Abby?" Jenny asks again, her words stronger and more determined than ever.

"Excuse us for a second," Chris says as he pulls on Agatha's arm to make her follow him.

Jenny looks on in disbelief as they calmly walk away and begin a hushed conversation, occasionally stealing glances her way.

"We could just kill them, you know, then the prophecy will reset itself," Agatha whispers when they are a safe distance away.

"We need them, Agatha. We need them to defeat Gorgon, once and for all, and we need to do it before Gorgon finds them and convinces them to be on her side."

"How do we do that? They have no control over their powers, and it is not as if we can wait for them to have control. Gorgon probably knows already."

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Let's see if I can write an epic story that never ends.

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