They are humanity’s only second chance.

One hundred and fifteen citizens board a spaceship to re-colonise a newly discovered, habitable planet.

After an accident, there are only two survivors - sixteen-year-old Skye Nelson, and seventeen-year-old, stowaway, River Jackson.

Stranded and alone on a savage, alien planet, they will have to put their differences aside and learn to tolerate each other.


A deadly vampire should not fall in love-but that is exactly what happens to William.

A deadly vampire should not father children but that is exactly what happens to William.

Susie finds unconditional love where she wasn't even looking.

She is an experiment. The first of her kind. Her name is Genesis.

When Death comes for Taylor, Daimhin is desperate to hide her.

She never knew she found him until she lost him.

When Caitlyn meets Shayne, she is immediately drawn to his haunted and sad eyes.

Daryl has the paranormal ability to perceive the emotional state of another – until now.

Megan was right on track to Destiny until her story had a plot change.

A past she knows nothing about is back to bite her.

Elizabeth is right back to where she has always been.

Elizabeth, Jared and Joshua are tangled in a web of past lives.

What if everything did happen for a reason?

A collection of Young Adult Sweet Romance stories.


Lynette Ferreira writes sweet romance stories for young adults about first love, feel good endings, and the sunshine that always comes after the rain.

She does not really like the cold, is afraid of what might be hiding in the dark, and loves (but is not allowed to eat) anything in, on or smothered with chocolate.

For most of her adult life, she worked as a personal assistant at an international financial institution, and in 2008 she took the brave leap to becoming a self-published author.

Her first indie book, Recycled Souls was chosen as a Quarter Finalist (top 250 from 5000 entries) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults) 2010.

In 2011, her story, The Great Divide was also chosen as a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults).

Since then Lynette has written a lot of stories.