To be loved is to be immortal.

William The Damned: A Vampire Pirate Omnibus

By Lynette Ferreira 

William is a vampire pirate, with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. He has an aversion for holy water, crucifixes, and garlic. Exposure to sunlight will turn him to dust. He has loved before, but never like this and for Susanna, he would make the ultimate sacrifice.

Two hundred years later, his daughter, Susie, meets Andrew. He is broodingly handsome, but a mere mortal. Although Susanna convinces herself that she should never love him, she falls in love despite her apprehension and longingly she contemplates mortality.

Events lead her back to the château in France, where she meets a group a vampires not yet converted to their new way of living. Now Susie has to make the ultimate choice between immortality and mortality.

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About this book

Amazon ISBN 9798370048982

Ingram ISBN 9798201933333

eBook ISBN 9798201092245

Imprint: Fiction for the Soul

Date First Published: 11 January 2018

Paperback Dimensions: 5 x 1.37 x 8 inches

Pages: 548

For readers aged 13 and up

Books included in this Omnibus: