they did not make the rules, they only fell in love despite them

The Great Divide series, Book 2 

When We Love

By Lynette Ferreira 

Step into a world where love defies the confines of societal norms and prejudice in When We Love, the alternative happy ending to the young adult sweet romance novel, The Great Divide.

Chrissie and Vincent, bound by an unbreakable love, navigate a journey that transcends the limitations imposed by a judgmental world.

In the face of societal expectations and prejudices, Chrissie and Vincent's love story takes an unexpected turn. Despite the challenges, they discover that sometimes, love alone isn't enough to conquer hate. As they grapple with the harsh reality that surrounds them, the question remains — can love truly prevail?

Chrissie and Vincent find themselves entangled in a world where rules are dictated by others, not by the beats of their hearts. Their love, forbidden by those who set the standards, becomes a beacon of hope in the darkness. Despite not making the rules, they are determined to create a new narrative, one where love transcends prejudice.

In this short story, witness a love that stands resilient in the face of adversity. Chrissie and Vincent may not have made the rules, but their love becomes a testament to the strength found in embracing the extraordinary. 

About this book

eBook ISBN 9798201630164Imprint: Fiction for the SoulDate First Published: 26 May 2012Pages: 42For readers aged 13 and up
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial

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