666: The Mark of The Beast

When seven bombs shake seven continents, seven minutes apart killing millions of people, many believe it is the beginning of the end of the world.

They are mistaken.

All the leaders of the world meet to discuss measures to safeguard humanity against future terror attacks. They decide the only way to keep the citizens of the world safe, is for everyone to have a bar code permanently imprinted on their foreheads. Without a bar code people cannot buy food, access their banking accounts, travel to another country by road, air, or sea.

For many, bar coding means the true end of the world, forsaking God and not being able to get into Heaven one day when the time comes, but disobedience means starvation.

However, for fifteen-year-old Lydia, alone in this new world, a life worth living demands free will and she embarks on a journey with her best friend's brother, Harry, to find a place where they can live off-grid.

An apocalyptic imagination of a world unnervingly conceivable, where good battles evil, not only for our souls but also for our freedom.

Available 01-October-2021