Everything looks the same even though it shouldn't.

Exactly the same as before that day, which she can only vaguely remember.

The day her school bus ran over the cliff.

The day she and most of her fellow students ended up here. The twins, Mark and David, were also on the bus, but David did not come here with them.

David was sent across the valley to the other side.

What readers are saying...

Sunel would never have imagined that a small prank could lead to the unexpected for her and 60 classmates. Where are they? Are they dead? Why have they been separated into three categories? Where is David, Mark's brother? These questions and many more are answered as Sunel, Mark, and Carly go to the otherside to find David. Will Sunel be able to save her friends, or will it cost her her soul? My Life Hereafter offers insight to the inner pysche and the afterlife. No matter if one believes in Heaven and Hell, the author has a way of prompting the reader to question the supernatural world. The reader is kept on the edge of his or her seat while trying to figure out what is going on along with Sunel. The novel is a love story, a mystery, a lesson learned. This book is a great read for teens and the young at heart.

★ ★ ★ ★ Right or Wrong?

The guilt that Sunel feels for the school bus crash that killed her and the other students is crushing. She is now in the hereafter where things are similar but not the same. This is a story of the battle between right and wrong and being able to move past the mistakes of others and especially yourself. Although you don’t want to like Sunel you can’t help but understanding her reasons and feeling for her. This is an enjoyable look at the afterlife. Gillek2 on May 20, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ Imaginative take on the afterlife

Great story for YA readers! The story starts off with an air of mystery, then slowly reveals layers deeper into the story. I found it an imaginative take on the afterlife and the romance was cute as well. Recommended for young readers with an interest in the afterlife, love and redemption. Grace on April 29, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Take me to the other side

This story that in many ways is a tragedy, but you see a lot of good come from it. It is about a terrible bus crash and the fates of the kids aboard. It really isn't a religious book. More a book about second chances. And learning from mistakes. Kindle Customer on April 25, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ Uniquely enlightening...

I believe the intended audience for this book is young adults and although I am well past that classification, I found this author very appealing. As I had never read this author before, I was quite skeptical that this read would grasp my attention. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the ease in which I became engrossed in this book, but I found myself eagerly anticipating what would be revealed in forthcoming chapters. Very interesting take on the hereafter and made me envision the future just a little bit more candidly. Debby on April 22, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ A perfect book for middle grade and youngish adult readers

Imagines a possible scenario of just what is waiting for us in the afterlife. When young teenager Sunel finds herself and sixty of her former classmates have died, she is initially in a state of shock. To make matters worse, she is the reason the bus crashed. This means she is the reason everyone is dead. As the shock wears off she finds herself in a world that is very similar and yet very different from the one she left behind. My favorite scene is when the teens are led into the Hall of Judgment and are told they will be called in one at at a time. Upon entering the testing room Sunel sees three doors. “The first door says Recycle. Next to Recycle, there is Rehabilitation. And next to Rehabilitation, there is Rapture.” I thought this was very clever. This book touches on many interesting and important topics. It is not often that you find a YA book that openly discusses the afterlife. It seems to be a topic that Young Adult authors do not embrace for some reason, and the few authors who do write about the topic choose ghost story-type tales. This book also has elements of other issues important to today’s youth such as bullying and peer pressure as well as taking responsibility for one’s actions. With the variety of characters, readers should be able to find at least one that they identify with. I think that young teens and middle grade readers will enjoy this book and hopefully it will open up dialogue about the issues detailed in it’s pages. Amiesbookreviews on January 10, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A highly readable examination of life and death

This is an original, highly readable examination of life and death, with excellent pacing, and twists which keep the story vital until the very end. The story's protagonist, Sunel, pulls a prank one day on the school bus which plunges herself, and her classmates, into the hereafter, and, subsequently, a journey of self-discovery and realisation. It is a story which makes the reader consider life and its inherent frailty, and is written with great style and thought by the author. Marcia Carrington on November 10, 2016

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Unique book

I found this to be a very unique depiction of the afterlife, not just heaven and hell, but multiple options in between. This was a good way to set up the themes of the complexity of good and evil, and how a person isn’t necessarily one or the other. I really enjoyed Sunel, and found her struggle relatable and believable. She considers herself a good person, but with a dark side who manifests as a little man on her shoulder whispering in her ear. Throughout the story, she faces her demons and seeks redemption. My only problem was I wanted more of the G.A. Academy. I love the idea of it. I feel like this could be a whole other book, about someone going to school there and what their afterlife is like once they graduate. I was a little disappointed not to have more of this, but then again, perhaps it will be (or already is?) a future book. That said, I did enjoy the direction this book went in, and the journey of the friends to the other side. Elisabeth Robare on October 13, 2016

★ ★ ★ ★ Relatable characters and a swift plot

She only wanted to play a small prank. She never imagined what the consequences of her actions would be. Sunel is an average teenager that desperately seeks the attention of others. When a seemingly harmless prank goes awry, a school bus driving Sunel and her classmates dives off a cliff. Sunel wakes to a confusing afterlife where she and her classmates must learn not only to forgive each other, but to forgive themselves. This book started off quickly and gained my attention immediately. The plot stayed fast-paced throughout the entirety of the read and I rarely got bored. The main character, Sunel, was a likable and believable character. The majority of teenage girls will be able to relate to the emotions Sunel felt throughout the book. The romantic relationship in this book could have been enhanced a little more because it felt rushed and unbelievable. I wish it was developed more in order to establish a well-rounded relationship between the characters. Fleshing this out part of the plot would have made the romance more authentic. Overall, this story is a great read for anyone who likes life-after-death stories with relatable characters and a swift plot. LitPick Book Reviews on May 17, 2016 - Reviewed by a LitPick student book reviewer Age:17

★ ★ ★ ★ Great mood and themes

There were some very nice descriptions in this book that evoke a mood and various settings. Here is an example I thought was particularly visual. “Giant tears are running down her cheeks and her eyes are puffy and red. The rest of her face has gone pallid white, so now her eyes looks as if they are bleeding.” This book has some serious themes and ideas following on an opening tragedy. Despite that, the tone is somewhat cool and quiet. I owe that to the authors descriptions of the setting and environment the young people first find themselves in. The characters are varied and I think that teens will find someone to identify with. The ending is one that I believe will surprise some, but others may see it coming. I’d say it will hit 50/50. I think this is a book that young adults will enjoy and find creative enough to mention to their friends. Felita Daniels on April 20, 2016

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ An interesting aspect on Judgement

Attempting to thrash out the concept of the “Hereafter” whilst making it an entertaining tale must be a fair challenge. One the author takes on to produce a most compelling read. From the first chapter I was somehow invested in the story, and although there were a few jolts, and despite my few sympathies for Sunel (the lead character), Ferreira painted a world of shifting fantasy that at times made me wonder whether I was truly reading a paranormal novel, or one of magic and adventure. All in all, a great read with a sub textual message that the readers will have to interoperate themselves. J Tommo on January 16, 2016

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 STARS! An interesting and engaging story!

In my opinion, a great book will "take you there" and make you feel like you're part of the story. You become emotionally invested and root for the characters and for the desired outcome. Most importantly, you definitely want to keep reading because you just have to know what happens next! This book did all of those things for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. The author has given us an interesting look at the consequences and possibilities of the 'hereafter'. Written from the perspective of the primary character Sunel, we learn that she unwittingly made a grave mistake and must come to terms with the results of her actions. The end caught me completely by surprise but I was thrilled with the outcome. I would highly recommend this book to all lovers of fiction novels! Kindle Customer on December 1, 2015

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly Recommended!

This book captured my imagination from the very first sentence. The characters are all together, but they don't know where. The main character Sunel, reveals the story from her perspective. She as the story moves ahead, is quite frankly not a very likeable character. I won't give away any clues, but once it is revealed what she did and why everyone is where they are - it is difficult as a reader to forgive her. However, as Sunel continues on her journey other sides of her personality are revealed and through the love of her friends and inner strength she is able to find redemption. This book also touches on some aspects of bullying, consequences for actions on both sides. Highly recommended! Just one more chapter! on November 25, 2015

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Beautiful story

What can I say about my life hereafter is a beautiful story from start to finish. Lynette pulled me into her world and I felt as if I was with Sunel the entire way through. I imagine laughed, and cried and truly enjoyed reading it. A recommendation from me. Kellie Steele on July 7, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ Praise for the author

I've recently started to read more YA books and am so glad I have as I might've missed this unique perspective of the afterlife. Sunel, the main character made an awful mistake and now, along with her friends has to face the consequences. I thoroughly enjoyed this unusual take on the 'hereafter', I liked the idea of the academy and the journey we were taken on. Praise for the author. kelly duggan on May 27, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ Life on the other side

What an exceptional view of the other side, very enjoyable and unique with strong emotional ties to family and friends. I relate to the man on the shoulder as i had an imaginary friend as a child. As always this author delivers a story that holds you to the end and due to my own beliefs of the after life i found this enthralling and very believable. j harvey on April 30, 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ Coming of Age with a lot of teen soul searching and re-evaluating life

This is a hard book to review. It is chock full of Christian ideas, which I did expect with a title like Hereafter. Some of the ideas were rather corny and cartoonish, like the devil on her shoulder, which just felt like a cheap excuse to blame someone outside of herself for her bad decisions (It felt cartoony in that it was a being on her shoulder actually talking to her rather than just an internalized thing). Even the angel school was very clichéd, and I had to roll my eyes as soon as we set foot inside, though thankfully not much time is spent there. I was foreseeing yet another clichéd school book, which seem to be in fashion right now. It just feels rather Christian structured that there has to be white rooms and judgement and set things that happen once you die. I had been hoping for a bit more freedom of imagination from the author. The imagination does come in during the journey to the shadowed place which was fascinating, and what they found there, and even all the soul searching done and re-evaluating their relationships in the past with their parents and friends and how they thought of themselves. All of the teenagers ring true as they struggle to fit in in their school, within their families, and how they feel about themselves. It’s a good coming-of-age story, re-evaluating what is important, and who they are as people, with a dash of romance, quite a bit of adventure into the unknown and battling their own demons. Gypsy M on May 21, 2019

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