Recycled Souls - Book One

For many of us, love is the wildest adventure we will ever encounter.

For most of us, love is the only significant reason.

Elizabeth is a seventeen-year-old girl, who thinks she has finally found her happy place in life and love, until her parents disrupt her entire life to move to Ireland.

Her stepdad says, ‘Everything just fell into place’, as if it’s all meant to be.

Elizabeth does not want to be in Ireland with its persistent rain and damp. She wants everything to go back to the way it is supposed to be.

She is so focussed on this one wish, she does not notice Jared – but when she finally meets him, it is love at first sight.

An instant connection.

However, for Elizabeth, things haven’t yet fallen into place.

In Ireland, she discovers that the history of the land and manor they live in intertwine with the future and past of her own soul. She learns how choices and decisions, albeit not always her own, have brought her to where she is supposed to be, where she always had to be. She realizes there are many different kinds of love and that they are all equally important. Change is inevitable and by accepting her destiny, she will ultimately be led to happiness.


I highly recommend this book and I cannot wait to read more from this talented author!


It's a wonderful and amazing book you'll think about after you finish.


This book will make you cry! I loved it!

An ABNA Expert Reviewer 2010, says, “Recycled Souls grabs the reader with a personal but very absorbing story, projecting the main character's emotions with unusual intensity. This contemporary Young Adult excerpt is written in the first person, from Elizabeth's point of view. Uprooted from her home, teenaged Elizabeth moves to Ireland with her mother and step-father. The writing style, expressive of a young girls' experience and accentuated by a dreamy present tense style, offers an excellent read.”