Soul Drifter


They are connected in their dreams.

Fifteen-year-old Gaby is convinced her soul leaves her body when she is fast asleep. She has vivid, three-dimensional, mega screen dreams, but they seem too real to merely be dreams.

After a car accident, Barclay gets lost, and now he does not know if he wants to find his way back.

Every night, Gaby meets Barclay in her dreams and she wishes she could find him in real life. Then, her gran gets seriously ill and they have to fly all the way to Australia.

At first, Gaby does not recognise the comatose boy in the bed next to her gran, but when she does, her dreams turn sinister and she realises she needs to save him.

This title is also published as What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep.


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Paperback: 220 pages

Published on 18 April 2016

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1532815603

ISBN-13: 978-1532815607

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ISBN 9781326251222

First Edition

Published 12 June 2018

Language English

Pages 200

Binding Hardcover (dust-jacket)

Dimensions (centimetres) 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall

The main character, Gaby, is engaging and endearing with her wry observations of ordinary life delivered with humor and feeling. But Gaby is not ordinary! Her experiences lead her to questions about her destiny and purpose in life, past and future lives, communication of souls in dreams, and predestined love. And she describes her experiences with a clarity of sensations that make you feel like you are there with her. You won’t be able to put this book down until the end. Super good read!


This hit home with me. There's alot of the information and insight in this story I believe, and also experienced myself.

Marbea LoganGoodreads