Guardian Angel


Taylor Fergusson should have died just days after she was born.

Accidents and mishaps kept happening to her until she and Daimhin, the Guardian Angel sent to fetch her, made a deal.

When upper management discovers Daimhin did not take Taylor's soul the first time he was supposed to, his own future is in jeopardy when he discovers his destiny and his choices are being assessed by a higher power.

As a love grows between a girl and an angel, Daimhin can do nothing to stop the inevitable.


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Paperback: 252 pages

Published on 20 November 2014

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1503320376

Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 1.6 x 20.3 cm

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ISBN 9781312186606

First Edition

Published 12 June 2018

Language English

Pages 260

Binding Hardcover (dust-jacket)

Dimensions (centimeters) 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall

This book was so amazing because it is a love story with some adventure mixed in. Also it made me tear up more than once.

Charity MartinezAmazon

This story was thought provoking and makes you stop and think - what if. Daimhin is tasked to escort the baby Taylor across the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He is unable to bring himself to do so, causing ripples and subtle changes caused by Taylor’s borrowed time. When her name comes up again 17 years later, Daimhin has to face not only the results of his past decisions, but the repercussions of his current choices.

Love To Read! Amazon

Themes of love, redemption, punishment, loyalty and, most importantly, death, are steeped in this story.

Julie Elizabeth PowellAmazon