Monday, 8 July 2019

When Time Stood Still - Part 3

"It's getting late," Jason says after a while. He leans with his back against the balustrade, looking at the crowd of people gathered in the gazebo.

"It is. I should make my way home soon," Jenny says.

He turns around and rests his elbows on the balustrade next to hers, their skin touching, the electricity between them becoming difficult to ignore.

"I was thinking about your power of premonition and wondering if the other girls have discovered their powers yet."

Jenny turns her head to look at him, surprised by the direct and personal nature of his question. Paranoia grips at her, and she wonders whether he might have been sent by Agatha to spy on them, to get more information. Almost as quickly as the feelings come to her, she dismisses them... Jason would never be involved in such a plot.

"You need to be protected now, now that you know what it can do. What you can do," he explains, making her feel guilty for her less than favourable thoughts just moments ago.

"We don't really know what we can do, though, but we do know demons are after us."

"They want the Book of Eudemon's power, your power. Do you know what Abby, Zara and Emily can do?"

"No. Not yet, that is."

He smiles a knowing smile. "What do you think it will be?"

Jenny laughs softly as she dips her head, feeling a little embarrassed. "I think Emily, will have the power of telekinesis. Zara, the power of telepathy, and Abby will be able to stop time. Well, that's what I've felt. I'm not really sure if I'm right or not."

After a moment of silence as he contemplates her answer, and she feels as if she should not have said anything, and maybe her feelings about him are correct, he says, "I can't believe Stephen was a demon, who lived here with us for all that time. Hiding and waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled. You have to make sure you hide the Book of Eudemon well."

"We did."

Someone comes to look out at the view, not far from where they are standing.

Jason looks over at them and back at Jenny. "Maybe we should talk about this elsewhere."

"You're right," she agrees.

He moves his face closer to hers, so close all Jenny can do is look into his beautiful dark eyes. His eyes are so dark; it is as if she can see the stars reflected in them.

"Would you like to come home with me?" He asks softly, locking her with his gaze. He lifts his elbow from the balustrade and traces the side of her face with the back of his fingers. "I knew your eyes were blue, a person cannot miss the sheer blueness of them, but at night they have a beautiful grey tint, which makes the way you look at things seem haunting. It is as if you can see right through me."

Jenny glances down, unsure of what she should do next. She senses he is going to kiss her, but she is not sure whether she wants to be kissed by him or not.

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