Monday, 10 June 2019

The Wishing Well - Part 6

"Two, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-four, Twenty-eight, and Thirty," the man interrupts her memory as he calls out the numbers quietly while he marks them on a slip of paper. Once his numbers are marked, he hands the slip of paper to a man standing on the other side of a counter, then hands him some coins when he receives a similar slip of paper in return.

Jenny looks at Jason with a look of hope. "Are they playing a game of chance? Please tell me those are the winning numbers."

"Use your power of premonition. What do you see? Does having ten million dollars change them? Are they still together after having all that money? Do they still love each other as much as they do now at this moment?"

Looking down at the couple again, Jenny can tell the old man's burden is great. The woman depends on the man, always have. They are old and come from a generation where men created security for women, where men went to work and women made a happy home. Soon, though, that happy home will be taken away from them. When the man received the slip of paper with his numbers printed on it, black on pale pink, Jenny could hear his thoughtful pleas as if he was standing right beside her.

As images of the couples' future flash through Jenny's mind, Jason asks, "So, are you going to grant them their wish?"

"I am," Jenny confirms, unable to take her eyes off the man and woman reflected on the water in the bucket.

The man says to his wife, as he gives her a smile full of hope and encouragement, "These are the lucky numbers, I can feel it in my old bones."

Jason turns away from the wishing well. "So, does your power still scare you?"

"The Book of Eudemon says every time we use our power, demons in The OtherWorld are somehow alerted to it and they can sense us."

"But are you going to let that fear stop you from doing what's right?"

"Is this the task you wanted me for?"

"It is. With your power of premonition, you can decide whether granting or ignoring a wish will be beneficial to the person making it. You have the ability to selflessly evaluate if that person will be just as happy whether their desire is fulfilled or not."

"It's a huge responsibility." Jenny hesitates to accept his offer.

"With your power, it will be easy to determine which wishes are worthwhile, and which ones aren't. Just remember, you cannot ever use your power for your own personal gain."

Jenny looks back down into the murky water of the wishing well, trying to decide if this role, with its gargantuan responsibility, is what she wants to do. What if she makes the wrong decisions?

"Come, I'll walk you home," Jason offers.

"Where is this New York place?" Jenny asks as they squeeze back through the tiny doorway. It is just as Jason said earlier, when they were looking for the wishing well they had to walk for a while to find it, and now the little door back to the library, or as Jason called it, his stuffy office, is only a couple of steps away.

"That's a story for another day," Jason replies.

"I have a feeling nobody is ever going to tell me where it is."

"Patience is a..."

"Yeah, I know. It's a virtue."

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