Saturday, 8 June 2019

Do you want to read Perpetual Midnight before everybody else?

I always do this to myself...

I am launching a book soon, but, then, I signed up for Mailerlite and it took me two 16-hour days of link clicking to kinda know what I'm doing. (In other words, the book was left untouched.)

That's not the end of the story, though. I opened a Shopify shop, but I'm not going to share the link because I don't know if I'm going to keep it. That involved a week of getting only 4 hours of sleep a night, and it's still not right. (Yes. You guessed it. The book was left untouched.)

Let me ask you. Would you buy directly from an author rather than Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, and so forth? Tell me here.

Let me rather tell you about Perpetual Midnight.

After a lot of drama palava (and if you were signed up for my Newsletter, you'd have heard the whole story) I am excited to share with you the awesome cover created by Marshmellow_Pillow:

Can't see the video? View it here.

What is Perpetual Midnight about?

Zoey and her parents have to move from London to Australia very quickly.
Her dad, it turns out, was the accountant for a mob boss until he grew a conscience and turned state witness.
Now they are in the Witness Protection Programme.
To keep their secret, she has to go to night school and here she crosses paths with Ethan, a terrifying monster, who introduces her to a hidden world riddled with even more secrets than her own.
Then, the mob finds them and Ethan is the only one she can trust to help her find the traitor...
Little did Zoey know, this new world is where she belongs.


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