Monday, 6 May 2019

The Wishing Well - Part 1

At The Chambers, two Changeless are standing in the doorway and their large, imposing wings block most of the entrance.

"Sorry, I need to get through," Jenny says as she squeezes past them. She feels tired. Her eyes even feel grainy and she has a dull, painful throbbing just above her eyebrows. She hardly slept the night before, the pair of wings on her back made sleeping awkward, and she did not know how to sleep without laying on them, which is not an option.

Surely, she has slept before? In all of her eighteen years, it is not as if she never, ever slept a wink. She knows this must have always been a problem, even if last night it felt to her as if it was a new thing.

As she pushes past them, one of the Changeless looks down at her, and asks, "Are you, Jenny?"

She has lived here, in Strangely, since she can remember, and still the arrogant being has deigned himself too important to remember her name for even a minute. She makes eye contact with him, remembering not to stare him down, and nods her head.

He informs her, "Agatha is waiting for you, in Room 101."

"Thank you," Jenny mumbles.

As she walks away, she overhears the other Changeless speak in a loud, condescending whisper, "Does Agatha know what she's doing?"

The one who thought himself too important to remember her name, replies with a derisive tone in his voice, "Agatha, always knows best, didn't you know?"

"But is it wise to have the four of them in one place, all at the same time?"

"She is courting trouble."

Their voices fade as Jenny walks further down the long passage of white walls, white ceiling, and white carpet at her feet. The word, trouble, tumbles through the fog of tiredness in her head. She is too exhausted at the moment to consider their conversation. The only thing she wants is to do her boring, monotonous job and get home to go back to sleep.

When she reaches Room 101, she knocks softly on the door which has been left slightly ajar.

"Come," Agatha instructs.

Then, without warning, images flash through Jenny's mind. They push through the fog of tiredness, making it roll away and disperse into further corners of her brain. The images are vivid and bright. Agatha is leaning against her desk, facing the door. Her long, slender legs are crossed at the ankles and she leans back on the palms of her hands which are flat on top of the surface of the table.

Shaking her head, just a little, Jenny pushes through the door.

When she sees Agatha in the exact same position she just saw in her mind, she tries hard not to allow her face to give away the shock she is feeling in every inch of her body. Did she just have a premonition?

Just glance, don't be obvious. She tells herself.

"Good morning, Jenny," Agatha says in a soothing voice. In one smooth action, Agatha moves away from the table and walks around to sit in a high-backed chair on the opposite side. Her pale, platinum blonde hair is almost the exact same colour as her pallid skin.

She gestures with her hand, in a sweeping motion, for Jenny to take one of the unoccupied chairs. "Sit, Jenny, we have much to discuss."

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