Monday, 22 April 2019

The Book Of Eudemon - Part 5

"Abby, this is insane. You shouldn't believe everything you read, even if it is in the Book of Eudemon. I told you there's a reason why it was hidden and it was so that girls like you don't start getting silly ideas. I hardly slept a wink last night, because the sounds of constant moaning and Chris' incessant grunts coming from your room all night long gives me nightmares, so I'm exhausted," Emily huffs.

Jenny laughs loudly. "We don't do nightmares."

Emily nudges Jenny playfully. "Do you want to make a bet? We'll swap rooms and you can do nightmares all night long."

Zara sits down at the table next to Abby. "Let me see, maybe we can figure it out together."

Abby turns the page.

Zara says, her eyes wide as she takes in the pictures on the pages, "Are the girls in these images... Us?"

In shades of black, burgundy, orange and brown, images of four girls, one with long black hair, one with a dark complexion, one with blonde tumbling locks and a petite girl with fiery red hair cover the two large facing pages. All the terrifying images depict the girls battling different incarnations of evil.

Zara reads the inscription at the bottom of the page out loud, "A bad Demon has but one goal, to kill an Eudemon and obtain their powers."

Emily and Jenny both turn in their chairs, away from staring into the fire, to look at Zara and Abby at the table.

Jenny is the first to speak, "Are you saying we're supposed to be Eudemon?"

"What powers?" Abby asks.

Zara turns the page in the book and reads a few lines. "I think as long as we were in the dark about our powers, we were safe."

"You mean we're not safe any more?" Jenny asks nervously.

Abby smiles. "Why be normal when we can be special?"

"I want to be normal," Jenny says softly.

"We can't change destiny," Zara says before she leans her head down to continue reading.

Emily gets up hurriedly from her chair. "You should stop reading that book! It's making you believe we might have special powers. Powers which could unleash all forms of evil."

Zara shakes her head. "Not might have, we are definitely supposed to have powers."

Jenny says, her eyes are filled with a look of fright, "Is this evil going to come looking for us?"

Emily replies with a hint of annoyance in her voice, "Stop! We're not Eudemon. We don't have special powers. What makes you all think the four girls in the book is even us?"

The girls yell as one when there is a sudden loud knock at the door.

Looking at each other, neither one wants to be the one who opens the door.

Emily huffs impatiently and storms toward the door, pulling on the handle to open it. A cold wind rushes in, lifting wisps of her hair away from her face.

"Stephen? What are you doing here?" She asks.

"I've waited a long time for the four of you to come together as it's been foretold," he sneers as his face contorts into a demonic mask.

Quickly Emily pushes both her hands against his chest, catching him off guard. She exerts enough force to push him backwards and away from her until he falls backwards, landing on the ground on his back. She turns quickly, back into the crooked house, slamming the door shut and yelling at the top of her voice. "Jenny! Check the windows! Abby, Zara, did the book say how to get rid of a... Demon?"

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