Monday, 15 April 2019

The Book Of Eudemon - Part 4

"What else did it say?" Zara asked, with an inquisitive tone in her voice.

"I remember it also mentioned the four elements of nature: earth, fire, water and air."

"You're just making me curious. What book is it?"

"The Book of Eudemon," Jenny whispers as she leans closer to Zara.

"Well, you should know that Eudemonism is the philosophy that the value of an action is its ability to make us feel happy, so I doubt it is supposed to make us feel bad or afraid, that is, if it has anything to do with us at all," Zara quips.

"You've always used such big words to explain things, but I suppose you're right. I still have this funny feeling of doom."

Emily interrupts their conversation, "Okay, girls, the newcomers are all settled and you've been of absolutely no help whatsoever."

Jenny looks around the large, spacious room which is bare of any furniture. Its roof spires high up into the sky and the walls are reflective white to match the white carpeting on the floor. She asks, "All done?"

"Yeah. Let's go home. I'd like to just sit back and put my feet up. Jason says it's going to be hectic tomorrow."

Together, they walk along the long, white corridor to the exterior door, and then into the bright sunshine. The sunlight reflecting off the surrounding white clouds make the air around them shimmer with light.

When they arrive back at the crooked house, Abby is sitting on a wooden stool at the table, reading the Book of Eudemon.

Emily says, "I thought we agreed you'll hide that book away. What if someone sees you with it?"

"No-one will see me," Abby insists, without lifting her eyes from the page she is reading.

"So, what were you doing all day?" Jenny asks Abby as she sits down on a wing-backed chair near the open hearth.

"Reading," Abby mumbles.

"You could have started a fire, there's a chill," Zara says as she starts to gather firewood from the corner in the room.

"Mm-mm," Abby murmurs.

Emily starts to pack the firewood Zara hands to her, in the fireplace to start a fire.

Abby puts her hand on the book to keep her place and says, "Did you know, according to the Book of Eudemon, one of the Changeless was a demon named Gorgon, and she is said to be wise and mysterious, a protector, creator of life and bringer of death."

"A demon would never be one of the Changeless!" Jenny exclaims.

Abby continues, ignoring Jenny, "She practised powers. Three powers to be exact. She could move objects with her mind, see the future, and stop time."

"No-one can stop time," Emily says dismissively, as she blows softly on the glowing embers to ignite the fire in the fireplace.

"Before Gorgon was banished to The OtherWorld, she vowed that each generation of girls who lived in the crooked house would become stronger and stronger, until the arrival of four sisters."

"We aren't sisters, though," Zara clarifies.

Abby insists, "We are, in the sense that we all have a common interest. We all live in the crooked house. These sisters would be powerful and I genuinely think we're those sisters."

"Look, I'm tired and it's been a long day. Some of us have duties to fulfil instead of sitting around all day reading and looking pretty," Emily says with a sigh as she settles down on a chair next to Jenny.

"It says, we're the protectors of the innocent," Abby insists, trying to convince them.

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