Monday, 1 April 2019

The Book Of Eudemon - Part 3

"What's the rush?" Jenny asks perturbed to be so rudely interrupted from enjoying her surroundings.

"We have three new arrivals and we need your help."

They hurry into the building, with Jason leading the way along the long, white corridor to the reception area.

When they reach the reception room, Emily scans the room and then pulls Jenny by the hand as they walk across the room to a girl with dark hair, a dark complexion and big brown eyes full of fear.

Emily greets her in a warm and friendly manner. "Hi, Zara. Welcome to Strangely."

"I'm supposed to be in New York," Zara says in a high-pitched, frightened voice.

"Not any-more," Emily says in a soothing voice.

"What? I've left New York?"

"Yeah, you've come to be with us now," Jenny says in a calm, reassuring voice. She whispers softly, close to Emily's ear. "Where's this New York place?"

Emily glances at Jenny quickly, with her brows arching into a brief, small frown. This is the first time since she can remember anyone mentioning they have been somewhere else, but she cannot contemplate the weirdness of it now. Zara needs to remember that she has always been here in Strangely. She has never, ever been anywhere, but here. Just like the rest of them. She says to Zara, "We're so excited you're going to be staying with us."

"You've got to be kidding?" Zara looks from Emily to Jenny, her eyes darting from one to the other frantically. She has pushed herself all the way into a corner and when she kicks her heels against the carpeting again, she finds her back pressed up against the wall behind her.

"Well, we can hardly say no," Jenny says, as she gives her a big smile. "It's your house too."

A sudden look of acceptance washes across Zara's features and the fear in her eyes melt away like mist on a sunny day.

"There you go." Emily smiles. "Now you remember us. Welcome home, Zara."

As Jenny sits down on the floor beside Zara, Emily stands up straight. "I'm going to see if Jason needs help."

After Emily walks away, Jenny turns to face Zara. "That inscription on the Book of..." Jenny stops speaking abruptly, not sure if she should mention that the Book of Eudemon is currently in their house. Jenny decides it is probably best not to mention it in public, so she rephrases her words. "The book Chris sent to Abby is a little strange, don't you think?" She asks Zara.

"What book?"

Jenny laughs softly. "Oh, yeah, you were here at the Town Hall when we got it. It said something about there being four girls living in a crooked house, and now we are four girls who live in a crooked house. Don't you find that strange? It feels like fate."

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