Monday, 18 March 2019

The Book Of Eudemon - Part 2

Emily looks across the room at the blonde girl. "This is Abby," she explains to Jenny.

Abby looks at Jenny as if she only now notices her. "Oh. Hi. Welcome to Strangely." She looks back at Emily. "So was he here?"

"No, but he had some roses and a package delivered for you," Emily says, pointing to the items on a cabinet beside the door.

Suddenly, as if Jenny has always been here in Strangely, as if she has always lived in the crooked house with Abby and Emily, she asks Emily, "What was the situation at the Town Hall? The reason why you said you were late?"

"This guy arrived and he was not happy about being here. Sometimes new arrivals go a little mental, but soon enough they settle in. You can usually see it in their eyes, the moment they realise they have always been here, just like you just did."

"It's sad when that happens. I wonder where we think we were before we got here." Looking up at Abby, who has her face buried in a bouquet of roses, Jenny exclaims, "Chris sent you roses? Nice to have a boyfriend."

"Oh, my goodness." Emily gasps as she leaps up from the chair and leaves it rocking a little from side to side. "I don't believe it. Tell me that's not the Book of Eudemon."

Abby smiles. "Chris found it, but he wouldn't say where."

Emily traces her fingers across the leather bound cover. "There's an inscription."

Jenny steps closer to have a look. "What does it say?"

Emily reads the words out loud, "As four girls decompose, they find a crux nestled in a rose. Water, fire, wind and earth; together they all live in a crooked little house."

"I wonder what it means," Abby says.

"We live in a crooked little house." Jenny chuckles nervously.

"Well, you better hide that book. There must be a reason it was hidden away in the first place," Emily insists.

"Don't you two have to be at the Town Hall for Meet and Greet?" Abby says, diverting their attention away from the large, heavy book.

"Yes. Late again. I'll be late for my own funeral, I just know it. Come, Jenny. You ready?"

Jenny and Emily rush out the crooked door and onto a winding pathway leading them down the hill on which their house is perched. Flowers of every colour imaginable blossom on the slight hills surrounding them and sway with the green grass in the barely-there breeze. On the horizon, all around them, mushrooms of clouds billow in white brilliant splendour.

"I'm nervous starting my duties tomorrow at the Chambers. I wonder why they re-assigned me?" Jenny ponders.

Emily replies, "Not sure, but I know it sounds boring. I love doing meet and greets, it makes me feel happy."

Jenny laughs as she twirls in a small circle. "I like the way it looks like we are on an island, surrounded by clouds. All this green grass, with colourful flowers and with a backdrop of cloud, no matter which way I turn."

As they reach the Town Hall, Jason calls out to them, from where he is standing in the doorway, "I cannot believe you're late again, Emily. Second day in a row."

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Let's see if I can write an epic story that never ends.

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