Monday, 25 February 2019

What Happens After I’ve Written The Story?

Getting All My Ducks In A Row - Lynette Ferreira

When I type the words 'THE END', I will read the story right away from beginning to end to see if there’s anything I want to change, then I will let it sit  for a couple of weeks while I do other things, like schedule blog posts and write exclusive stories for my monthly newsletter.

After a couple of weeks, I’ll read the story again, making more revisions and changes, if necessary.

I’ll then send the story to an editor. I belong to a Facebook Group where we earn virtual money for delivering book related services, and I will use the virtual cash I’ve accumulated helping others to pay for my story to be edited.

The editor will look at the overall story 
and sentence structure – 
making sure things make sense.

When I get my story back from the editor, I begin doing the necessary revisions.

After I finish my revisions from the Editor, it should ideally go to a Copy Editor, and sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. For this, I will mostly use Grammarly and/or ProWritingAid.

A Copy editor will focus on punctuation, spelling, grammar, and continuity.

After I have run the story through these two programs, or get it back from the Copy Editor, and made the changes, I’ll read it again.

I then convert the file to .mobi and email it to my Kindle where I read the story like I would read any other book. It is also easier for me to spot mistakes and plot holes (continuity issues) on my Kindle than it is for me to see them on my computer screen.

By now, I have read the story five or six times.

When I am happy with the content, the file will be formatted for paperback and after I receive a proof copy, I will read it again just to be 100% sure it's how I wanted to tell the story.

Then, I will e-mail an Advance Reader Copy to everyone who is signed up for my First Reads Newsletter.

I Love Reading

Most of the time, my story will have a pre-order option on the e-book but not on the paperback. I try to upload my paperback 10 days before the e-book is due to be released. The e-book is uploaded to Smashwords, Google Play, Payhip and Amazon KDP. If there is going to be a hard cover, the files are uploaded to Lulu Press, and the paperback is published via Amazon KDP.

Then I go to ACX to search for a narrator. This used to be an optional step for me, but I have added it to my publishing process as a definite must-do.

Until next time.