Thursday, 4 October 2018

Am I being too controversial?

If there are multiple Universes, do you think when we die in one Universe, we merge with the person we are in the next Universe? (Awesome Story Idea!!)

Lynette Ferreira (4 October 2018)

I've only recently learned about the Mandela Effect - False Memories (more info) but I've been thinking about it a lot since I've heard of it the first time, because I am definitely a 'victim' of it.

In my personal experience,

  • Forrest Gump did say, 'Life is like a box of chocolates.'
  • Nelson Mandela did not die in prison. I am from South Africa, and I was actually there when we voted and he became President.
  • It's always been Looney Tunes.
  • It's always been Jiffy Peanut Butter.
  • Without a doubt, Berenstein Bears.

And there are many more instances, for me, personally, that has altered.

So, why the shift? Why do some of us have a different memory?

I have a theory (obviously haha)

What if our reality became destabilised because for the first time ever, people do not rely on others to give them information. The internet has given us access to limitless information and now there are threats that this might change through censorship and Internet Access Borders. It is too easy for the word to spread, and, in my opinion, the few (I'm told, 2% of the total human population) whom we elected a.k.a. chose to lead us, do not want to loose the power they have over the masses. They want us to be clueless, follow them blindly as they lead us astray.

So, then a device was implemented to correct a situation where free speech creates perceived instability of the world as a whole.

Maybe, something that works like an EMP, but for brains? The pulse from this device, created such an impact on our sub-conscious, it shifted our reality a little.

Maybe, we were supposed to 'forget' there ever was an internet.

Maybe, the first shift was just a test? (cue the X-Files soundtrack)


Just Mental!