Friday, 4 May 2018

How To Become A Book Review Blogger #1

How To Become A Book Review Blogger

We'll start with the basics for those who do not have a blog yet. There are other sites where you can start a blog, but I am going to talk about Blogging on Blogger because I use Blogger and am familiar with how it works.

How To Become A Book Review Blogger

I will also mostly refer to starting a Book Review Blog but you can blog about whatever your heart desires most.

Let's Begin

Open the page:

Sign in - you'll have to have a Gmail Account.

The page will open:

Type in your desired blog name. Example: Fully Booked Blog

Next: Type in the URL you would like, i.e. Fully Booked Blog. If possible, keep it the same as your blog title. Google will tell you if the URL is already being used, so play around with different titles until you get the right one.

Choose a theme. Look at all of them until you find the right one. When you find one you like, it is easy to customise.

Click: Create Blog

A page will open to Connect Your Domain. If you have a Domain Name enter it here. If you do not have a Domain Name, skip this. The only thing that will happen is that your URL will read (or whichever country) when you post a link but you can use to shorten and customise your links.


You have just created a blog.


Down the left of your screen, you will see the following list:

Reading List

I always find it is easiest to work down the list, one link at a time.


This is where you will blog.


This is where you will see how many visits you're getting, from which countries and which of your posts have had the most clicks.


This is where you will see who has commented on your posts. I choose not use the comments feature.


This is where you will set up your blog for ads with AdSense, which is an advertisement program by Google. Related Google ads will be placed on your blog and you get paid for clicks and impressions on these ads.

To have an Adsense account, you also must be above the age of 18 or you can apply using the name of a parent or guardian, who gives you permission to do so.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Adsense Account:

You need to set up your Adsense account before you can start earning.

Also, don't have too many ads on your blog. You know how it is when you visit a site and there are so many ads, you cannot find the blog post or the pages takes forever to load - very frustrating.


This is where you will launch your own paid advertising, but I suggest you wait until you have built up your blog first and you know what you're doing.


This is where you will add permanent pages, for example About, Submissions, Book Lists, etc.


Decide on your layout and add gadgets. Use the preview button often to see how it looks. If you've added pages, use the gadget 'PAGES' to add them to your blog's layout.


Here you can customise your theme: Change colours, change font and column widths. Play around until your blog has a look you like. Preview often.

As I always say - work down the list :o)


Under Settings you'll find the following list:


Posts, comments and sharing


Language and formatting

Search preferences


User settings

Click on each one (work down the list) and customise where necessary. If you don't know, click on the (?) beside each item and there will be a short explanation. Do not mess around with Crawlers and indexing if you don't know what you're doing.


Any other blogs you are following.

& have Fun!