Monday, 9 April 2018

Have you seen her?

The Shape of My Soul (Promo Image) - Lynette Ferreira

The Shape of My Soul is no longer Amazon exclusive - now she can be found on other retail sites too...

Amber Belvedere yearns to feel normal, Growing up in a secluded castle in the Scottish Highlands can be lonely and her hopes are pinned on a fresh start in Edinburgh, away from her mist-shrouded castle. Maybe, it would even help her get over her crush on Bradley Windsor, who had been her friend since they were little. Up until now, Bradley has managed to keep the family secret, but now nobody is safe, especially Amber, the person Bradley holds most dear. Then, one night Amber's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn, and she discovers she is a girl who can change her body to fit the shape of her soul.

Read the first chapter here.

The Shape of My Soul - Lynette Ferreira