Saturday, 24 March 2018

Soul Drifter is at it again!

Soul Drifter (Promo Image) - Lynette Ferreira

Soul Drifter is no longer Amazon exclusive - she's gallivanting again!

They are connected in their dreams. Fifteen-year-old Gaby is convinced her soul leaves her body when she is fast asleep. She has vivid, three-dimensional, mega screen dreams, but they seem too real to merely be dreams. After a car accident, Barclay gets lost, and now he does not know if he wants to find his way back. Every night, Gaby meets Barclay in her dreams and she wishes she could find him in real life. Then, her gran gets seriously ill and they have to fly all the way to Australia. At first, Gaby does not recognise the comatose boy in the bed next to her gran, but when she does, her dreams turn sinister and she realises she needs to save him.

Read the first chapter here.

Soul Drifter - Lynette Ferreira