Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dead Girl gets a new cover

Dead Girl (Promo Image) - Lynette Ferreira

I can hear you say, "There she goes again."

However, I have a good reason. Famous last words :o)

My reason for the quick change: The cover image I had was downloaded from and although they say on their website Beautiful, free photos to use anywhere I had a late-night-staring-at-the-ceiling epiphany.

What if they changed their Terms and Conditions?

If they did, I would be scrambling to find a new cover for a book that is already published. Again. Or, worst case scenario - get sued for money I don't have. 

Also, this year, my most important resolution is not to change anything. Once it is published, it is published. No going back.

So, I got in touch with shatteredglitter on and begged and pleaded with her to make me an OC for Genesis from Dead Girl. After lots of back and forth, she agreed and when she sent me the graphic of Genesis, I was so happy, I was doing a really silly dance.

shatteredglitter, if you ever get to read this - You Are Totally Amazing!

The new cover (in case you've missed it):