Monday, 26 February 2018

Claim your Freebie: Dead Girl

In case you missed all my postings, there's only 2 days left to download a free Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of Dead Girl.

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Dead Girl - Lynette Ferreira

If you enjoyed your free copy of Dead Girl, I would really love to hear what you thought at Goodreads or anywhere you usually leave reviews.

Early Reviews at Goodreads:

Dawn Bame-Pennington
Feb 10, 2018rated it really liked it 
Stars: 4(out of 5) for overall story

Genre: Supernatural
Recommended Readers: Pre-Teen+
Chapters: 26
Ending: Cliffhanger
Main Character:

REVIEW: Holy cow! This novel has me wanting to read more! I was screaming at my iPad when I finished because I want more. Seriously, this novel has the fantastic, gory, gross bits when it comes to the zombie’s meal time, but it doesn’t focus on that. Instead the focus is on team of ten, lab created humans that become zombie warriors. (They are one missed dose of medication away from being zombies themselves...therefore, they are dead (hence the title). They think they have plenty of time for training on how to kill zombies, when the zombie apocalypse hits earth and they aren’t prepared. In fact the apocalypse wipes out living human life within twenty-four hours. They have to learn as they go. They are taught only the basics before being teamed up, separated and joined with the surviving military to fight the zombies (killing them) and saving any and all survivors.

I can’t stop thinking about this novel. You get a sense of what the team is enduring, fear, anxiety, confusion, etc. Yet at the same time you are cheering them on, praying they survive. There is a touch of a romance between Genesis and Eli (another team member) and that provides the hope in the story, hope that all will end well.

I can NOT wait until the next installment. I will confess that this is not my normal genre, but I am hooked to Ms. Ferreira’s novel. Her talent and creative mind has me fascinated and most likely not going to be able to sleep again tonight, as I think back on this story.

ARC read in exchange for honest review.
CrazyCat (Alex)
Feb 10, 2018rated it it was amazing  
Shelves: ya-zombie
I think I mentioned it before....I'm not really into zombies. But, this book is not your average zombie story. Genesis is so much more than a zombie. She is a normal teenager for 16 years, not knowing that there is something wrong with her. That her parents aren't really her parents, that she is an experiment, along with nine other kids. When her heart stops beating and she's not breathing anymore, she thinks she's going to die. But she's not. Instead she is shipped to a location, far away, to meet the other nine "experiments" and train to become a fighter for humanity - against zombies.
I loved the story it's fast paced and action filled. Once started I literally couldn't stop reading. I kept turning page after page and got so absorbed that the world around me just fell away. I loved Genesis and all the other characters. Well, maybe I didn't love Amelia and Finn. And I really, really hope that there will be more books about the not-zombies and the new world created by Genesis "father" and his team.
I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to the author, Lynette Ferreira!
Michelle Pretorius
Feb 23, 2018rated it it was amazing
Absolutely love it can't wait to see if there a second book telling more of Genesis life and where she is now.