Saturday, 17 February 2018

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People who experience a traumatic event will often have some degree of dissociation during the event itself or in the following hours, days or weeks. For example, the event seems ‘unreal’ or the person feels detached from what’s going on around them as if watching the events on television.

The Girl in Room Thirteen - Lynette Ferreira

"Good horror book for young adults."

As part of her initiation, as a new arrival at boarding school, Alison has to accept a dare. Unfortunately, her dare requires her to go into the dreaded room thirteen on the anniversary of Lily's death. It is rumoured, Lily, the girl who used to reside in the room killed herself on the thirteenth of February, the day before Valentine's Day.

When Alison goes into room thirteen, alone and afraid, armed with only an Ouija Board, the dead girl gives her a riddle, which leads Alison on a journey to discover what really happened to Lily.

What dark secrets are the girl in room thirteen hiding?

"Recommended for young adult readers who love the thrill and suspense of a scary ghost story, full of horror, the paranormal and supernatural."

What readers are saying:

L. Noel really liked it: "Is a quick read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a little scary to read in the dark -- alone." -Goodreads

Jan Harvey really liked it: "Good starter book for youngsters who like ghost stories." -Goodreads

M.L. Stoughton really liked it: "The Girl in Room Thirteen is a fun read if you like ghost mysteries. It's on the short side and has some gore, but plenty to keep you guessing. I didn't expect the ending!" -Goodreads