Monday, 2 October 2017

Brand New: ForNever: A Shade of Witch (ForNever Series Book 2)

A Shade of Witch (Promo Image) - Lynette Ferreira

The long awaited ForNever 2 is now available for immediate download or if you prefer paper books, then you can order your copy from Amazon too. If you prefer to listen to your stories, the audio book will be available soon.

You can also read ForNever 2 free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription (until March 2018).

I published ForNever 1 in November 2012, and it was never supposed to be more. I never intended for it to be a series. Then readers starting emailing me, telling me they're #TeamKieran and WTF! what's going on?

Readers left reviews like:

I personally enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down! I read it in 1 day...that’s how good it was!! I love the plot, the characters and the problem and issues of love...definitely worth the read! Sorry Kieran fans.... I’m #TeamJayden!!

I don’t know if I can wait for the next one

This book is amazing I enjoy it so much and cannot wait to see what happens next!!!!!!

LOVED IT!!!! Can’t wait for the next book

Fell in love with 3 people great now we have to wait a year I will because I am faithful to my books



I absolutely love this book!  From the first page to the last, it was so breath-taking!

Loved! Loved! Loved! this book. Could not put it down. 

So, it was easy to carry on with the story, and at the end of Book 2 you will notice the story takes a kind of different direction, especially after we meet Michaila, Heather's sister.

There's a ForNever 3 too :o) for next year.