Friday, 1 September 2017

Brand New: The Girl in Room Thirteen

The Girl in Room Thirteen - Lynette Ferreira

At last, The Girl in Room Thirteen is available for immediate download or if you prefer paper books, then you can order your copy from Amazon too. If you prefer to listen to your stories, The Girl in Room Thirteen is available in audio book.

You can also read The Girl in Room Thirteen for free as a member of Kindle Unlimited (until March 2018).

Last year, I decided to rewrite New Dawn. New Dawn was originally a Twilight fan-fiction and after a short public appearance it was hidden in a yellow folder on my desktop for almost six years.

After a big rewrite, it became THE SHAPE OF MY SOUL but I was left with all the parts about the girl in room thirteen who had killed herself and it is hinted at in The Shape of My Soul.

The left-overs were mostly about a room in a boarding house, aptly numbered number 13. In my original story, the three girls (Amber, Sinead & Rachel) venture into this room and the ghost in room 13 basically tells Amber she has no soul, because in the original story (New Dawn), Amber was a vampire, but now in The Shape of my Soul she is a shape-shifter.

So, I decided to write the story of Alison and Lily.

The Girl in Room Thirteen is not a very long story, only 86 e-book pages (I guess it depends on the size of your font and your reading device), so it will be a quick, scary read.

I am told the ending is WoW! but if you don't like jolting endings, then this story will not be for you. 

However, if you like to be afraid and pulled into the drama, fall in love easily and want to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins then this story is waiting for you to read it.