Friday, 23 June 2017

When I was a little bitty baby

... my mother never rocked me in a cradle (my own version of the lyrics from Cotton Fields: The Beach Boys), and sometimes I embarrass myself at how often I sing this song.

When I was little, this song must have played so much in our house that it is forever imprinted within the folds of my memory.

Lynette Ferreira

This photo is a newspaper clipping of me - I was destined for greatness :o) 

I was the eldest born, and my mom and dad waited two years for me. It's nice to know I wasn't an “oops” baby, but it would have been okay too if I was because my parents were awesome.

Growing up, my brothers and I weren't very close because they always thought of me as the spoiled princess who got everything her heart desired (if only).

Lynette Ferreira

As you can see from the way my mom and I are dressed in this photo, I was born in the sixties so it goes without saying that I love music from the 60's. It resonates with my soul ♥

Lynette Ferreira

I think I am about four years old in this photo. Sadly, I have no-one anymore to answer these kinds of questions - and, in hindsight, why it is so important to ask them while you still can.


I was born in the same year as:

  1. Wimpy International opened its first South African location in Durban
  2. Vin Diesel (Actor)
  3. Jason Statham (Actor)
  4. Nicole Kidman (Actress)
  5. Pamela Anderson (Actress)
  6. Julia Roberts (Actress)
  7. Jamie Foxx
  8. Emily Watson
  9. Matt LeBlanc
  10. Tim McGraw